Mike Matheny has a blog dedicated to changing the culture of youth sports

This may be the most insightful blog I have ever seen for coaching youth sports. I’ve read a million strategic books and blogs, but this touches on the human side of kids and sports unlike anything else I have seen. Nice job Mr. Matheny! (Go Brewers!)


A few years ago Cardinals manager Mike Matheny wrote a letter to the parents of the little league team he was coaching at the time, decrying the culture of youth sports and, more specifically, the overbearing parents and insane coaches that were turning what should have been character-building learning experiences into a hyper competitive hellscape.

Last summer there was a lot of reporting about all of that. Specifically, that Matheny was still adamant about changing the culture of youth sports. And now he is continuing that, starting up a blog on his personal website dedicated to that cause. From his welcome letter:

I wrote a letter a few years ago that unintentionally went viral across the country. The purpose was to explain to a group of parents, that I saw a big problem in organized sports. Little did I know the impact that the letter would have on so…

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